The PHOTO of Evaluna Montaner showing the gender she IDENTIFIES Índigo, her baby with Camilo

The PHOTO of Evaluna Montaner showing the gender she IDENTIFIES Índigo, her baby with Camilo

The birth of indigo in the Montaner family, has caused much controversy and it is his parents Evaluna Montaner Y Kamilo, they have stated that he is a non-binary person until he grows up and recognizes himself with one of those people. However, a photo published by Ricardo’s daughter on her Instagram account proven the gender with which identified to infant.

Since Eve Luna Montaner She was pregnant, the fact that she didn’t have a gender reveal party like most people and celebrities do drew a lot of attention, but this situation was later clarified Kamilo and the singer pointed out that it would be called indigoa unisex name since it would be dealing with a non-binary person.

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Evaluna demonstrates the gender she identifies Indigo with, her baby with Camilo

In the last few days, the fact that Ricardo Montaner has uploaded a photo with indigo to their social networks, identify them as a girl, a situation that led many to suspect the singer-songwriter didn’t agree with the decision Eve Luna Y Kamilo That the infant was a non-binary person, which caused quite a controversy among netizens.

Despite the discussion that broke out, a photo Posted by daughter of Richard Montaner on his Instagram account, proven that he gender in which identified a indigo It is from a “girl” because in this publication her mother, Marlene Rodríguez, appears sitting in front of the vast sea with the caption: “Grateful for her”. To later post a video of the little girl playing with her father’s hair. Which was accompanied by a message that continued the previous one: “And for them.”

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It is worth noting that there has been much speculation about a conflict between the families of both Kamilo like Eve Luna on the subject gender of Indigo, since both the Montaner family and the Colombian family are very devoted to their religion and do not seem to have accepted the fact that the infant was a non-binary person and stressed that he identified her as a girl in a publication by Ricardo in which he is dating his granddaughter, which caused a stir on networks.

Many thought there was already a dispute between the newlywed couple and the Montaner family. However, it seems that everything was just speculation since in the photo from Eve Luna Montaner where does his mother wear indigo No more rumors about the supposed separation and that of gender of infant what did he have with him? Kamiloproving they are better than ever.