1674946697 The PC Engine Mini Hack has finally been announced

The PC Engine Mini Hack has finally been announced! – Rom game Retrogaming

It was the only mini console that wasn’t hacked: after the SEGA Mega Drive Mini, the Amiga Mini or the SNES Mini, it’s finally the turn of the PC Engine Mini to get into modding with a hack that will be delivered soon open to the public!

Since its release in June 2020, PC Engine Mini has found a place in the hearts and shelves of retro gaming lovers. It must be said that the little 8-bit never lowered its gaze Super Nintendo and the mega driveand it has always maintained a special aura in the console landscape.

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The PC Engine Mini Hack has finally been announced

That PC Engine Mini picked up the compact design of the friendly console feature for feature and offered around fifty titles in addition to a gamepad: 24 in English and 26 in Japanese.

But now you’re starting to know Rom Game’s trickster spirit, and we were a little advanced as far as the imminent proximity of a hack, the fate that usually awaits this type of mini-console fairly quickly. But strangely enough we had to wait more than 2 years here, despite the positive signals coming from Project Phobos

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1674946694 169 The PC Engine Mini Hack has finally been announced

PC Engine Mini officially hacked

Yes, you know, the PC Engine Mini has really and finally been successfully hacked! The video released earlier this year shows the hack in action with Hakchi2, thanks to the tireless work of crazy monkey and DanTheMan827. There some PC Engine CD, N64 and MAME games are presented.

On the other hand, there is currently no announced availability and new videos will come to update you on the development cycle and confirm possible public availability when the hack is sufficiently stable.

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1674946695 165 The PC Engine Mini Hack has finally been announced

As proof that things are speeding up, a video was released a few hours ago that offers a guide on how to clear your computer’s ROMs TurboGrafx-16, PC Engine Mini, CoreGrafx Mini. This will be the easiest way when Hakchi2 CE releases the TG-16 Mini Hack

In this video we are introduced to the special versions of Gradius, Fantasy Zone, Salamander, as well as the SHMUP Force Gear and some other surprises!