The orange cat becomes the girls best friend and agrees

The orange cat becomes the girls’ best friend and agrees to take part in their games

The friendship between two children and one Cat named Bailey is able to put a smile on your face! They experienced enchanting moments together.

Lying on the lap of one of the girls, the kitten enjoys the story he is telling. You can also see him playing with it with great joy. What cuteness!

Bailey came to the family when he was just a puppy. His owner, Erin Merryn, who lives in Illinois, USA, adopted him when she was still a student.

The American met the man he would later become in the inner courtyard of the university Your daughter’s best friend in the future.

The cat plays with the princesses. (Photo: Instagram/@bailey_no_ordinary_cat)

“He fought with all his might to stop me from closing the cage after sitting on the floor with him for hours. I immediately felt attached and decided to take a risk and try to hide a kitten in my college dorm, where animals are obviously not allowed,” Erin told Love Meow.

The affection she felt for the cat led her to take him into her dorm, but a week later she was discovered and was given 48 hours to get rid of the little animal.

After many phone calls, she managed to find a home for Bailey. An 80yearold woman volunteered to take care of him.

“I cried almost every four hours in college. When my dad called and heard me crying, he said, “Erin, there will always be other kittens out there.” I explained, “No, Dad, it’s not a kitten like Bailey.” “He’s one of a kind and you’ll never have one “Find others with a personality like him,” he remembers.

The older woman had another cat and Bailey’s presence was not accepted by the older cat.

Knowing the situation, Erin didn’t think twice and took it back. She was on vacation at the time. At home, she convinced her parents to keep him.

Years passed and Erin gave birth to Abby. Even in the womb, Bailey showed love for the little one as she always stayed close to her owner’s stomach.

When Erin got out of the hospital with the baby, the cat was bonded to her little sister.

Bailey cuddled Abby when she was a baby. (Photo: Instagram/@bailey_no_ordinary_cat)

“It was love at first sight and I took some beautiful photos of her as a newborn with him,” said Erin.

As the baby progressed, Bailey was there! The cat was there at the first word, at the crawling, at the first steps, at all the remarkable moments.

Bailey and Abby became best friends. (Photo: Instagram/@bailey_no_ordinary_cat)

As Abby grew older, she picked up a book and began reading to the cat. Do you think he was reluctant to sit there and listen to her?

NO! He sat on her lap and let the girl’s voice rock him. He closed his eyes as if he was drinking in every word she said.


A few years later, Hannah came to complete the family! Now Bailey and Abby had someone else to have fun with. The trio filled the house with joy with their jokes and laughter.

In 2018, Bailey passed away, which saddened the girls. The father, wanting to comfort the little ones’ hearts, bought many catshaped stuffed animals, but to no avail; The toys weren’t Bailey’s.

Bailey the kitten. (Photo: Instagram/@bailey_no_ordinary_cat)

Erin created an Instagram profile where she shares the trio’s everyday life. A follower who looked after an NGO said that a kitten would be born soon and that since the shelter had opened its doors, the girls could go there if they wanted and spend a few hours with the kittens.

That’s when Erin decided to adopt one of them, whom she named Carrot.

The kitten displayed the same personality as Bailey, which impressed the American as he played calmly with the girls, just like the deceased kitten.

“He’s super sweet and relaxed. He has the most laidback personality,” Erin told The Dodo.

Watch the video below of Carrot playing at the spa with Hannah, Abby and a little friend:

This story is too beautiful!

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