The opinion of the house on Luca Onestini Big Brother

The opinion of the house on Luca Onestini Big Brother VIP | is shared GFVIP 7 Big Brother

Attention returns to the competitors, and this time we’ll talk about them Onestini, a VIP who is often the focus of various discussions. A clip summarizes what happened between the competitor and Nikitathere are those who stand on his side and those who believe her word on the other side.

The model said in the Confessionale that she was disappointed, while in the last episode she commented that the competitor in the house had created a consensus against her and this makes her feel very bad. Anthonyseems to see ambiguous behavior in Onestini in particular: “He accused me of sending women away, and then what did he do?”

Alfonso Signorini asks the hairdresser for an opinion, who states: “It is clear that Luca rides many emotional states because he is a professional of the game.” For the competitor, Onestini’s behavior is ambiguous, as are his statements and his thoughts. Especially after what happened to the model.

Nikita herself is questioned and the VIP doesn’t hesitate to share her thoughts: “He’s competitive, he says so too, he came here to win. Then he says he wants to live too, good for him”.

“I think my personality bothers me, but that’s who I am,” defends Onestini, but the word slips to columnist Soleil, who notes, “I partially agree with Antonino, Onestini plays his role well and that makes me happy even in the house.” realize it”.

The house is divided, once again there are those who do not think that the competitor has duped the model, and those who, on the other hand, do not see the behavior of the influencer well.