The   News journalist reveals that she was harassed by an MP  Diário do Centro do Mundo

The News journalist reveals that she was harassed by an MP Diário do Centro do Mundo

Julia Dualibi says she has already been the victim of harassment by an MP in Brasília. Photo: reproduction

Julia Dualibi revealed that she had already been harassed by an MP while working in Brasília. In an interview with Conversa com Bial, the journalist said that she needed the phone number of a contact to which the parliamentarian had access and recounted the proposal made to her:

“When I started, I remember an episode that left a deep impression on me, which took place in the Green Room of the Chamber of Deputies. I needed a phone and a designated deputy had a contact who could give me that number.”

“Then he said to me, ‘Meet me here in the salon at 7 p.m. and I’ll give you the number you want.’ Okay, I arrived, he took a note from his pocket with the phone and handed it to me. When I went to take it from him, he picked it up, put it in his pocket and said, ‘Only if we go to dinner,'” he continued.

The GloboNews moderator also recounted the response he gave to the harasser: “I said, ‘I think there is a mistake here because this phone is not for Julia but for the newspaper I represent. But if you don’t want to give it to me, no problem, I’ll tell my editor that you didn’t want to give the phone to the paper. I can’t remember if he was working in Folha or Esstadão at the time.”

Dualibi says the rise of women in journalism has “improved” the work of reporters, “but it’s still a very difficult environment”. “A few years ago, a journalist told me about an episode where she was wearing a skirt, and a minister said, ‘If you’re wearing a skirt, I’d rather wait on you,'” he says.

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