The New York Times interview with Angela Lansbury to be

The New York Times interview with Angela Lansbury, to be published after her death | Flashes

The New York Times has published a video interview with English actress Angela Lansbury, known for having starred in numerous films and musicals but most notably for being the protagonist of the TV series The Lady in Crime, who died of old age on Tuesday of 96. The interview traces Lansbury’s life through the most important moments of his long career and is entitled “The Last Word”: It was filmed in 2010, twelve years ago, with the agreement that it would not be published until after his death would become.

At the beginning of the interview, Lansbury says that she can say “in all honesty” that she was “mainly an actress and not a pretty face”. She adds that she was above all a character actress, one of those non-protagonist actresses who must be able to convey the idea of ​​her character in a few minutes, often exploiting a dominant quality. The role she definitely wasn’t a character actress in, she says, was that of author and detective Jessica Fletcher, starring in The Lady in Crime, who she feels is a character “close to the kind of woman” who she could have been if she wasn’t a character.»Actress.

In addition to 6 Golden Globes, Lansbury has received an Oscar for lifetime achievement and 5 Tony Awards, the most important honors in American theatre, in over 70 years of activity. She concludes the interview by saying that she wants to be remembered as an actress whose work has “enabled people to escape their lives and be transported to other living spaces” that they otherwise would not have been able to experience.