1672683742 The new NETFLIX DORAMA for everyone to watch

The new NETFLIX DORAMA for everyone to watch

The last year has been full of excellent drama hitting the Netflix catalogue. However, in the final days of the year, Netflix launched The lesson, and production has gained prominence in service. Unlike other dramas released in recent months, the series focuses on a revenge story.

The Lesson was written by Kim Eun Sook and Song Hye Kyo from Descendants of So. In addition, the storyline also features Lee Do Hyun, who starred in the Netflix original series Sweet Home. Production began in January 2021 and after more than a year of planning, the drama arrived on Netflix.

The series has 8 episodes of approximately 60 minutes. However, it has already been officially confirmed that there will be a second season, starting in 2023. So if you haven’t given the series’ story a chance, here’s what we know.

The history of The lesson

As announced by Netflix, The lesson follows the story of Moon Dong Eun. The young woman is a high school student and would like to become an architect. However, he has to drop out of school because he is violently bullied by his classmates.

life goes on and The lessonThis shows that she eventually finds a job teaching at an elementary school. Over time, she discovers that the person responsible for the end of her life is married and has a child. The coincidences don’t stop there, however.

Her main enemy’s son also attends the same school where she teaches. At that moment, the series reveals that Moon Dong Eun begins to constantly recall the events. In this way, he initiates a plan of revenge against the person responsible for his suffering. The chosen path leads through the child.

The big question remains whether she can take revenge on her attacker. Or do you condemn yourself to selfdestruction? Anyway, the result doesn’t seem very promising since it could reawaken Moon Dong Eun’s hidden monster.

The lesson is available on Netflix.

Cast: Who is in the drama?

One of the highlights of the series is its cast. Song Hye Kyo brings Moon Dong Eun to life. The actress made her debut in the film Make Yourself At Home and is currently the highest paid actress on Korean television. Also, fans will remember his participation in Descendants of the Sun.

Hye Kyo gave Soompi more details about her role:

“This drama is both my first suspense drama and my first revenge drama. As the color and character of the production is the opposite of what I’ve done so far, I look forward to the new expressions and emotions to come. in action. Thankfully the writer Kim Eun Sook who writes very strongly and the director Ahn Gil Ho who I can trust and follow are here so I can really count on them.”

The lesson is available on Netflix
Image: Disclosure/Netflix

the cast of The lesson It has other household names as well, with Lee Do Hyun being another highlight. This isn’t the actor’s first drama on Netflix. He previously played Lee Eun Hyuk in the horror thriller series Sweet Home. However, the actor had greater recognition when he took part in Hotel Del Luna.

Rounding out the trio of leads is Im Ji Yeon as the classmate who bullied Moon Dong Eu. While audiences outside of South Korea may not remember as many roles, fans will recognize him from his appearance in the Netflix series La Casa de Papel: Koreia. In the series he played Seoul.

Still present in the series: Park Sung Hoon, Yeom Hye Ra, Jung Sung II, Kim Hi Eo Ra, Cha Joo Young, Kim Gun Woo, Lee Hae Young and Son Sook.

So you will watch The lesson on netflix? Check out the trailer:


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