The mysteries hang over the Boeing       stranded in Buenos Aires

The mysteries hang over the Boeing stranded in Buenos Aires

HISTORY – The plane has not been refueled since June 6 and the passports of the five Iranian crew members were confiscated.

A Boeing 747 operated by Venezuelan air freight company Emtrasur, a subsidiary of Conviasa, arrived in Argentina on June 6 with a load of auto parts from Mexico City. Five of the 19 crew members are Iranians. After checking the cargo and the crew’s papers, the Argentine authorities found nothing to complain about. But the plane is being forced to cancel its departure from Buenos Aires because Argentina’s national hydrocarbon company YPF and Shell are refusing to fuel the plane. Explanation: The Emtrasur company, owner of the aircraft since January 2022, is under an American embargo. This aircraft was also sold by Iranian airline Mahan Air in January 2022, also under US Treasury Department sanction.

lack of fuel

The crew finally decided to take off from Ezeiza airport on Wednesday 8 June bound for Uruguay on the other side of the Rio de la Plata, hoping to…

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