The moving message Karol G dedicated to Eduin Caz Grupo

The moving message Karol G dedicated to Eduin Caz, Grupo Firme and the people of Mexico

Karol G.’s $trip Love Tour is a roaring success as all venues in every featured city are sold out. The Colombian has invited other singers to the stage several times and the guests were there on their first date in Mexico group of companies Y Eduin Caz sang along to several songs Carol Gincluding “Tusa”.

It is common in Carol G Publications on their social networks, especially Instagram, and thank their fans for attending their concerts. Besides, she usually lets her fans join her concerts, not only colleagues like Eduin Caz, recently she invited a lady from the audience to come to her and there was a tender moment that was recorded and went viral on TikTok. The special moment last night was in the presence of group of companiesif Carol G Y Eduin Caz They sang some regional Mexican songs together.

In gratitude Carol G made a number of publications. “Ever since I started this concert tour with my music in huge venues around the world, one of the most brutal things I’ve given myself has been to be able to share the stage with artists I’ve admired from a young age, genres, Musicals I like to listen to…” Bichota wrote.

“To share our musical styles, our roots and our cultures on stage with all the people I brought as a surprise for you was AN HONOR and a gift not only for you but also for me,” he continued Carol G to the public, too group of companies Nice Eduin Caz.

“Yesterday was another incredibly special night singing local Mexican music YOU KNOW I LOVE along with my friends from Grupo Firme, wow wowww WOW!” Carol G thanked Eduin Caz Y group of companies; Above all, she was once again very grateful to Mexico for the welcome and love.

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Source: Instagram Karol G