The mother of Anuel’s son accuses him of irresponsible upbringing

The mother of Anuel’s son accuses him of irresponsible upbringing

Puerto Rican singer Anuel is suing his son Pablo’s mother, Astrid Cuevas, for joint custody of the minor, accusing him of irresponsible parenting.

The nine year old’s mother, filed a document with the Puerto Rico Family and Minors Court of Trial stating that Emmanuel Gazmey, the singer’s first name, absent father who communicates sporadically with the minor.

The document released by the “I Know Everything” program in that country states that the February 13, 2022 was the last time the artist communicated with his son and since then it has been absent from the child’s life.

Likewise, this document indicates that Yailin’s husband tried to transfer custody of the minor to third parties such as his manager or parents.

The ex-partner of the “Legends never die” interpreter also denounces José Gazmey, Anuel’s father prevents them and the minor from returning to their place of residence in Miami, where they have been living since last year. This is after Astrid Cuevas traveled to Puerto Rico to visit her family on February 14 and the singer’s father texted her banning her from returning.

As far as Anuel, who was in the Dominican Republic a few days ago with his wife Yailin, did not comment on it.

It is worth remembering that last March Astrid Cuevas and her sisters They attacked the singer on social media.

The Puerto Rican’s ex-sisters-in-law shared that he allegedly kicked the child out of the house with the mother and even “turned off the phone” for him.

“I’m not telling you that you’re a suckling pig and always throwing everything at your son because of c#%, you’re going to continue to be the same bum as ever. Months ago Pablo (Anuel’s son) and Astrid promised because you’re such a jerk you don’t say you won’t let her go either so be it in the studio bathroom you call her,” Nicole Cuevas posted. designation of the singer.

The artist’s ex-partner added: “Good luck must be wished to the one who acts evil You’re going to need it sooner or later.”

Likewise, the Cuevas sisters released a video dated November 3, 2021, in which Anuel can be seen kissing his son’s mother indoors.