The most unusual male names beginning with the letter A

The most unusual male names beginning with the letter ‘A’

Choosing a baby name is almost never an easy task. Factors such as the meaning and origin of the name, phonetics, ease of pronunciation, acceptance by the people around are very relevant and all of these can influence the voting decision. For example, there are people who choose their child’s name based on the first letter they like best. If you like the idea male names beginning with the letter Afollow the tips below:

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Proper nouns beginning with “A”.

The idea of ​​having a baby is always exciting! The choice of name can mobilize the whole family. Whether you’re a mom, dad, uncle, sister, cousin, or friend of the baby’s parents, follow this post for more tips on male names beginning with the letter “THE”. If you want to explore different but equally beautiful options, these options will delight you:


Attila is a Germanic name formed by combining atta (Gothic noun meaning “father”) and the diminutive suffix ila. In other words: “Little Dad”.

Although the meaning is unusual, Attila is how the king of the Huns, the Asian people who invaded the Roman Empire, was styled when he invaded the Roman Empire and defeated Roman troops from Gaul. Because of this, this beautiful name is used to symbolize the leader of a people victorious in the art of war and conquest.


Augustus means “holy” or “consecrated” or “extraordinary” in Latin. It derives from the Latin word augere, meaning “to increase.” Roman emperors were often called Augustus. So Augusto is a Brazilian phonetic adaptation. If you are interested in the meaning of the name, it is certainly very positive. Parents who want their children to be autonomous, proactive, and confident tend to name names that represent this.


Ariel comes from the Hebrew word Ariel, which in turn is the union of the elements Ari (lion) and El, meaning “Lord” or “God.” Hence its official meaning is “Lion of God” or “Fire of God”. For more religious people, this name is an unusual option.

It is worth remembering that originally the name was used only for boys. But with the popularization of the name in The Little Mermaid, the name became unisex. In Portugal, on the other hand, this name may only be used for the male gender, unless girls are registered with Ariel as a middle name (or as Ariela).