1693717106 The mortgage dream produces monsters

The mortgage dream produces monsters

The mortgage dream produces monsters

After watching “The Architect” (Filmin), I really wanted to attend the next Berlin Film Festival because, without a doubt, this is an epic spectacle: the jury gave a special mention to this Norwegian miniseries that failed in the theme The Insight of a medium-sized vocational training institute is that its members saw it during the hangover of their lives, which destroyed their critical judgment. If this is a portrait of the insecurity, the disillusionment of youth, and the way cities drive out their neighbors, it means that young people have even been robbed of the ability to tell stories.

It’s a shame, because whatever Urkullu says in his neo-feudal songs, what keeps many Spaniards and Europeans up at night is the real estate nightmare. Local oldest people remember that it was the driving force behind 15M, although the politicians who emerged from it have also forgotten this. It may not be easy to tell this drama as it deserves, conveying its literary truth and without giving the impression that the characters are reciting slogans. As the great series on this topic appears, we must look for further clues in other fictions. I found her so often over-the-top this summer in Vigilante (Netflix), the work of genius Ryan Murphy, but here as precise and effective as Hitchcock.

Based on a journalistic chronicle about a married couple who are terrorized by mysterious letters after buying the house of their dreams, this thriller is a portrait of contemporary horror: the obsession with having a house, the quagmire of debt and the fear of destroy the future To a family. As Goya said, the dream of mortgage reason produces monsters, and these deserve a story worthy of Poes or Kings, and not a Somosaguas professor.

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