The More Emocao The Better Check out five reasons not

“The More Emoção The Better!”: Check out five reasons not to miss the final week of the 7 O’Clock Soap Opera

🎧 Keep an overview! Listen to the synopsis with the novels’ spoilers:

To ease the anxiety and warm up the mood, we’ve listed five reasons for you to hold on to each chapter of the final segment of your 7 o’clock soap opera! Check it out: 📺

Baby plays in the Maracanã for Flamengo

Baby made it back to the flamengo and in this final week he will step down onto the lawn of the Maracanã. With the right to a goal and a narrative of Galvao Bueno, the star of Shirt 10 will do well. All the gist of the storyline will be cheering him on, and you can’t miss these scenes airing earlier in the week.

Flávia settles down with Paula and Guilherme

The birth of a daughter will reunite the couple.”FlaGui“. Since Guilherme doubted Flávia’s ability to take care of himself and take care of the child alone, they will reconcile. 🙌🏽 The moment of birth will also make Flávia forgive her mother Paula for leaving her in the maternity ward.

Incidentally, Flavia’s birth scene should not be missing! In the Wednesday May 25 Chapter, Paulinha is born with the help of her grandmother Paula Terrare. The moment of the girl’s birth will be emotional and, of course, will unite mother, daughter and granddaughter. Get the tissues ready! tears will flow! 😢

In the course of the week, some side plots will already be resolved. And for some couples, love is in the air. Deusa and Odaílson will say yes. 💍 The wedding will be celebrated in the garden of the Monteiro Bragança house. In addition to them, Tina and Tigger will also be together. Marcelo and Joana will see the family grow by adopting a beautiful boy. It is love! ❤️

The longawaited definition of who is chosen by death is reserved for the final chapter. At the Friday, 05/27, let’s find out who will die at the end of the oneyear period given by death. Bet and don’t miss the scenes that promise a lot of action and emotions! 🔥

2 of 2 What will be the fate of Flávia, Neném, Guilherme and Paula in How Much More Life, Better!? — Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Globo

What will be the fate of Flávia, Neném, Guilherme and Paula in The More Life, the Better!? — Photo: João Miguel Júnior/Globo