The missing dog is reunited with his human in an emotional scene;  p.m.  Tribuna de Jundiaí

The missing dog is reunited with his human in an emotional scene; p.m. Tribuna de Jundiaí

When Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc. employees responded to a call about a terrified dog found near a freeway, they had no idea they were about to face a dog that has been missing for over a month.

The night before, a couple watching fireworks saw the shadow of an animal running around their car and hiding underneath. “We thought she was a fox,” Marilyn Williams told The Dodo.

The couple soon realized that the animal was actually a dog. In addition, they could clearly see that the dog needed help. “She looked very scared,” Marilyn said. At first the nervous dog refused to get out from under the car. But the couple insisted, and eventually he ran out and jumped into the vehicle.

So Marilyn and her husband took her home for the night, where they gave her food and water and cleaned a small wound on her face. The cute dog remained incredibly calm. “She was very quiet and shy, she didn’t bark once. She never peeped.” After a comfortable night’s sleep, the couple called the Mitchell County Animal Shelter and adopted the quiet dog in hopes of reuniting her with her family.

missing dogPhoto: Playback/Facebook @Mitchell County Animal Rescue
missing dogPhoto: Playback/Facebook @Mitchell County Animal Rescue

You found Fiona!

As soon as the shelter staff saw the dog, they recognized him. It was Fiona, an elderly dog ​​who disappeared over a month ago while on her family’s vacation. His snout was emblazoned on one of the “missing” placards pinned to the front door of the shelter.

The staff confirmed Fiona’s identity through her microchip and then immediately called her guardian with the good news.

Fiona, who was just as calm at the shelter as she was at the Williams home, first perked up when her human walked through the door. “When Fiona heard it, she was so excited,” said a worker at the shelter. And when Fiona arrived, she saw the tutor with his tail wagging.

Now Fiona is back home and safe with her family, and while Marilyn and her family miss the pup they met that night, they’re glad she’s back where she belongs. “It’s a really happy ending to a really special story,” Marilyn said.