The Marlins evade victory

The Marlins evade victory

Charles Leblanc will have to wait before enjoying his second win in a Miami Marlins jersey as the Miami club lost 2-1 to the Cubs in Chicago on Friday.

The Quebecers’ club held a narrow one-run lead and had conceded just one hit after seven innings. However, the crowd favorites showed their teeth in their eighth round of batting. Williams Contreras kicked the ball wide while Nick Madrigal was already on second base. The Marlins then faced reliever Rowan Wick and the opposing defense in ninth position.

Coming back to Leblanc, the third baseman had a role to play in securing his team’s lone run. In the seventh inning, he bet on Erich Uelmen, who had just landed on the mound. The Laval native was then replaced on the cushions by Luke Williams. Two batters later, Joey Wendle hit a single that drove the substitute to the plate.

In his first appearance at the plate, in the third round of batting for his team, Leblanc also grabbed a single. However, his teammates couldn’t allow him to circumnavigate the trails. The Belle Province representative was also beaten by Justin Steele on his second try at the plate.

The win went to Wick’s record (3-5). Cubs starter Justin Steele also had a strong game, giving up four strikes for safety and a walk in four and two-thirds of the innings.

It was helper Dylan Floro (0-1) who took the backhand. The brilliant performance of gunner Edward Cabrera also deserves special mention. Early in the game for the Marlins, the 24-year-old didn’t allow any hits and knocked out eight opponents. Overall, all of the losing team’s pitchers, with the exception of Floro, only gave a strike to be safe.

Leblanc and his Marlins teammates will reconnect with the Cubs for Game 2 of a three-game series at Wrigley Field on Saturday afternoon.