The Manchester United manager mentioned why Cristiano Ronaldo didnt play

The Manchester United manager mentioned why Cristiano Ronaldo didn’t play and causes controversy

Cristiano Ronaldo He was looking forward to playing with Manchester United in the derby against Manchester City for the ninth time in the Premier League. However, the ‘Bicho’ was banned from the start by his coach, Eric Ten Hag, who didn’t even think of letting him enter the second part of the engagement. After the citizens’ 6-3 defeat, in which Haaland scored a hat-trick and set an unprecedented record, the Red Devils coach gave the reason why “CR7” didn’t play.

The loss was a major blow to the Red Devils as a whole, who came from four straight wins but abruptly stumbled against their classic rivals.

They conceded four goals in the first half and the players’ performance caused some Manchester United fans to leave the stadium, even though the entire second half was still over.

Why didn’t Erik Ten Hag play Cristiano Ronaldo against Manchester City?

After the game was over, the Manchester United manager explained to the press why he didn’t sign Cristiano Ronaldo. The Dutchman explained his reasons.

“I wouldn’t have done it out of respect for Cristiano and his great career. The other thing you could take advantage of is you could turn on Anthony Martial, who needs the record, but I don’t want to emphasize it that much,” Ten Hag said.

‘CR7’ is not considered a starter in most games with the Red Devils manager. Instead, Marcus Rashford or Anthony Martial played.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s reaction as Manchester United won

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