1695793942 The main new features of macOS Sonoma for Mac computers

The main new features of macOS Sonoma for Mac computers – Le Journal de Montréal

The update from macOS Ventura 13.6 to Sonoma 14.0 is 6.44 GB in size and this latest version of the operating system is compatible with the iMac 2019, iMac Pro, Mac mini 2018, MacBook Pro 2018, Mac Pro 2019 and all later versions of the computers the latest Mac Studio.

A free download from your Mac computer’s System Preferences (General -> Software Update), macOS Sonoma version 14.0 brings a number of new features across the board, the most important of which are listed here.

Safari web browser

Safari’s private browsing mode is locked by the Touch ID fingerprint sensor, profiles can be used to separate work browsing from personal browsing, and known trackers are blocked from loading and Safari removes trackers that identify you using web addresses.

Top new features in macOS Sonoma for Mac computers

Profiles help separate navigation between topics like work, school, and others, allowing users to quickly switch between them. Apple

You can save your favorite websites as web apps on the desktop or in the Dock and they work like regular apps with a simplified toolbar.


AirTag location chips can be shared with others via the Find My app, iCloud Keychain passwords can also be shared with friends and family, the Notes app supports loading PDFs online, and Siri can now be activated without saying “Hey.” accept.


Beautiful screensavers with locations around the world seamlessly become your desktop background when you log in.

Random settings allow screensavers to be rotated by theme, including landscape, cityscape, underwater and earth.


Widgets can be placed anywhere on the desktop and adapt to the color of your wallpaper when working in applications. Additionally, widgets on iPhone can be added to your Mac when your phone is nearby or on the same Wi-Fi network.

video conference

The Presenter Overlay makes you the center of attention when sharing your screen in FaceTime or third-party video conferencing applications (Mac computers with M1, M2 system chip).

Top new features in macOS Sonoma for Mac computers

The Fun Reactions feature responds to gestures to brighten the background of an Apple video call

The company has also added the reaction feature to video calls. During a video conference, make two hands into a heart shape and hearts will appear, make the peace sign and you will see balloons around you, raise two thumbs up and fireworks will appear, raise two thumbs low and you will see rain. This may seem inconvenient, but the goal is to minimize interruptions during calls while still allowing participants to respond as they wish.


As with iOS 17, Apple has made some improvements to the Messages app. Building on inline replies first introduced in iOS 14, you can swipe right to quickly reply to a specific message instead of having to long-press each time.

Searching in messages has also been improved. When you search for something, results are now broken down into categories like people, keywords, photos, and links, making them easier to find. There is also a unique passcode cleanup feature that automatically removes unique passcodes via the autofill feature, cleaning up your chat list.

Top new features in macOS Sonoma for Mac computers

In macOS Sonoma, Game Mode delivers smoother refresh rates and significantly reduces audio and input latency on wireless game controllers and AirPods.


This mode gives games the highest priority on the CPU and GPU, ensuring smoother frame rates and lower latency for wireless controllers and AirPods (for Mac computers with M1, M2 system chip).


Improved autocorrect accuracy makes typing even easier with a more powerful transformer-based language model.

Additionally, online text predictions display single or multi-word predictions that you can add by pressing the spacebar.

Finally, the improved dictation experience lets you use your voice and keyboard together to enter and edit text.