The lucky numbers of your zodiac sign for winning the lottery    opinion

The lucky numbers of your zodiac sign for winning the lottery opinion

Most of us have at some point dreamed of winning the lottery and imagining what our lives would be like if we hit the jackpot. If we want it to become a reality, we must take the first step, which is it know our lucky numbers and to find them we can use astrology.

The stars tell each zodiac sign what their lucky numbers are and what could bring them closer to the jackpot. Celebrity psychic Inbaal revealed to website which numbers correspond to your zodiac sign and the best day to try your luck.

Aries lucky numbers are 9, 45 and 54. Ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and war, this sign is the ruler of Tuesday, making it the best day to try your luck in every way. The red planet is associated with 9, the number of the warrior, so it is the number that brings the most luck to Aries.

The numbers 5, 6 and 33 are the lucky numbers for Taurus. According to Inbaal, Fridays are the perfect days for this sign as it is ruled by Venus, the planet of love, values ​​and romance. The number of harmony and love is 6 and it is associated with your ruling star so you will be much luckier.

23, 21 and 55 are the lucky numbers of this zodiac sign. It is ruled by Mercury, the planet in charge of communication and the ruler of Wednesday, making it an ideal day to try your luck at the lottery. 5 is the number of companionship and the one associated with the qualities of friendship and conversation, so it is the number that will bring you the most luck.

The Cancer numbers are 2, 11 and 20. The crab is ruled by the moon, the astrological planet of emotion and connection with others, which is why their best day of the week is Monday. The number of the feminine (gender associated with the moon) is 2, so it is the one that suits Cancer to try their luck.

1, 10 and 28 are Leo’s lucky numbers., a sign ruled by the Sun, associated with power, soul, and authority. The perfect day to ask the universe for what you want is Sunday. 1 is the number that represents the sun and new beginnings, so it’s the one that suits you best for the lottery.

Virgo lucky numbers are 9, 32 and 50. Those born under this sign are ruled by Mercury, the star of communication and expression, so their happiest day is Wednesday. The 5 is associated with personal relationships and aligns with the qualities of Mercury, so it is the one that will bring the most happiness to those ruled by the sign of Virgo.

15, 42 and 56 are the luckiest numbers for the Libra sign. Its ruling planet is Venus, associated with Friday, the perfect day of the week to proclaim love and values. The 6 is associated with luxurious and comfortable living and is connected to this planet, so according to Inbaal it could be the one that could bring you the most happiness.

Scorpio’s lucky numbers are 13, 27 and 49.. This sign is ruled by Pluto, the astrological planet of death and rebirth; In addition, Mars is the ruler in traditional astrology, so it is the day that suits you best for all matters in which you wish to be lucky.

The archer’s lucky numbers are 3, 14 and 59. The ruler of this sign is Jupiter, associated with expansion, good luck and prosperity. It’s associated with Thursday, so it’s definitely your lucky day. 3 is the number related to the gas giant, so it’s the one that will give Sagittarius the most success.

The 8, 44 and 53 are the ones that will bring Capricorn the most luck, sign corresponding to the planet Saturn associated with Saturdays. If you want to have the blessings of the universe, you must try your luck on this day to secure your interests. The star of the rings is associated with 8, the number of material achievements, which is why it means more luck for Capricorns.

Aquarius’ lucky numbers are 4, 17, and 31. The sign of the water bearer is associated with Saturn in ancient astrology, hence its best day is Saturday. Its modern ruler is Uranus, the planet of changes, revolutions and whose ruling number is 4. This number is the best for Aquarius if you want good luck.

7, 18 and 25 are the lucky numbers for Pisces.. Those born under the sign of Pisces have Neptune as their ruling planet, ruler of fantasy and illusions. Also, according to traditional astrology, they correspond to Jupiter, so their best day is Thursday. The number associated with Neptune is 7, the best for Pisces.

Lucky numbers for each zodiac sign. Photo: Courtesy of Lottery Critics

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