1653260899 The love I feel for her Gianni Sperti reveals it

“The love I feel for her…”: Gianni Sperti reveals it after years

The historical columnist for Men and Women has revealed that he has feelings for a woman. That’s it

Made famous in the dance world for his talent, Gianni Thanks to his participation in “Men and Women” he consolidated his fame on television. The Italians thus learned about various aspects of his character and personality, having previously witnessed his skills on the dance floor.

The love I feel for her Gianni Sperti reveals itGianni Sperti (web source)

As Tina Cipollari plays an important role in Canale 5’s dating show. The weekly events never fail to arouse the curiosity of spectators who have recently discovered the choices made by the two tronists.

With the season finale ahead of us, Luca Salatino and Veronica Rimondi have finally decided who they want to hire to film the show. The former opted for Sorajawhile the second chose Matteo. The episode in which we will see all this will be broadcast next week as this news has arrived through the various previews on the web.

Gianni Sperti, this time he confessed

Instead of the traditional version of “Men and women”, a special spin-off dedicated to famous people, is scheduled to air this summer. However, there is still some work to be done in this regard, from how the program will be run to the possible names that will take part.

The commentators themselves may differ, but it must be reiterated that at the moment there is absolutely nothing official. Tine and Gianni This year they were very divided on a number of issues. The fiery commentator often indulges in rather violent comments, which are sometimes toned down by her colleague. An example may be related to the speech Ida Platano.

1653260893 964 The love I feel for her Gianni Sperti reveals itIda Platano (web source)

The lady has been criticized several times, despite the undeniable respect towards Cipollari, who doesn’t share some of the decisions she’s made lately. Sperti, on the other hand, has always been very sympathetic and understanding towards the beautiful Idawhich testifies that an excellent relationship has developed between them.

As we can see on social networks, Gianni often interacts with the famous lady, putting likes and adding comments to her posts. However, the columnist has never made a secret of this and has had no problem admitting it openly: “I like her, it’s known that I feel love for her”he obviously explained and spoke of a love that was thought of as great appreciation and affection.