Predictable defeat for Francois Legault

The Lost Battle by François Legault

We would like to say to Prime Minister Legault that he should calm his transport in the face of Justin Trudeau, not to vindicate the latter, who constantly beats and humiliates the nationalist Prime Minister, but to protect Quebecers’ abuse of Canada’s greatness.

How could François Legault believe that the provincial prime ministers would show solidarity with Quebec? With what naivety, or with what rough reading of reality, could he have believed that his fake friend, Doug Ford, would support him on the Canadian health transfer issue?

François Legault, who despite everything has sovereignty tattooed around his heart whatever the current PQ thinks, believes Quebecers need to be richer to become independent. This explains his obsession with his goal of becoming as rich as Ontario, the benchmark for him. Hence the presence of economy ministers in this government, on whom he counts to make his dream come true.

The future

So he gives pride of place to Pierre Fitzgibbon, who, despite his bad temper, complacency and arrogance towards the media, enforces his smoking guns and doesn’t let anyone destabilize him. Pierre Fitzgibbon, federalist as he is, is leading François Legault onto sunnier paths for Quebec than the triumphant federalism of Trudeau, the pugilist who crushes him at every plea from Prime Minister Legault

François Legault knows Quebecers because he resembles them. But despite his personal financial success, despite his political success – it was a feat to have succeeded in this coalition that allowed the French-speaking majority to seize power in the National Assembly – and despite his spectacular performance during the pandemic, he has Mr. Legault can’t get past a minority complex.

His way of countering this is to provoke Justin Trudeau, but he forgets that, however elected in Quebec, Trudeau has more affinities and empathy for his post-national Canada. Not surprisingly, the word “nationalism” that refers to Quebec both angers and repels him. Like François Legault, too many Quebecers who expect Ottawa to make concessions in their favor are deluding themselves.


Justin Son’s Trudeauist vision has moved away and continues to move away from that of Trudeau Sr., Jean Chrétien and all the virulent and effective anti-nationalists of the end of the spectacular rule of the PLC, the party that condemned Quebec’s sovereignty, and then ours greatest politician, René Lévesque.

How do you convince François Legault to stop playing hot and cold with Ottawa when he’s a prisoner of a brutal reality? A sovereignty supported by only a third of Quebecers, including a large number of older voters, cannot, barring a miracle, bring about a lively revival of the idea of ​​sovereignty in the medium term.

In this perspective, let’s live in the present, but outside of the arena where Justin Trudeau likes to trample us. We can already hear the screams of those who think we’re throwing in the towel, that we’re definitely going to crash. But the political and social context is already so terrible that the French-speaking majority must take a break from failures. If only to heal the wounds of the past few years, which were so exhausting and cruel.

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