‘The Little Mermaid’ Trailer Hits 2.7 MILLION Dislikes & Daryl Hannah Defends Halle Bailey From ‘Racists’

‘The Little Mermaid’ Trailer Hits 2.7 MILLION Dislikes & Daryl Hannah Defends Halle Bailey From ‘Racists’

The hate for the longawaited live action ‘The little mermaid’ continues after the film released its first teaser trailer and now incredibly sums up the video 2.7 million likes, while it only had 1.1 million likes.

The most “conservative” people are disgusted by the film starring the black actress as Ariel Hall Bailey.

Daryl Hannahwho played the mermaid Madison in the romantic comedy ‘syringes‘ (1981), came out in defense Hall Bailey.

On social media, some netizens even tried to justify biased comments by saying that the casting of Bailey mischaracterizes the original character, who is Caucasian.

On your Twitter profile Hanna responded to the criticism and wrote:

Enjoy watching:


“The little mermaid is black. I met her… #Don’t be an idiot.


The little mermaid is black
I met her

— Daryl Hannah (@dhlovelife) September 15, 2022

the follower of #The little mermaid approaching 3 MILLION LIKES and actress Daryl Hannah, star of ‘Splash’, defended Halle Bailey from ‘racist idiots’:

“The little mermaid is black. I met her… #Don’t be an idiot.” pic.twitter.com/x4C91sM3sH

— CinePOP (@cinepop) 09/22/2022

Hanna isn’t the first celebrity to endorse the casting Baileysince the very Jodi BensonAriel’s voice actress in the animation gave the star her seal of approval.

According to CBR, benson posted a story on Instagram with the following message:

“Halle, you were absolutely amazing. I’m so proud of you and your beautiful performance as Ariel!”

In response, Bailey Post shared and celebrated, wrote:

“And you made Ariel a magical figure for us.”

Bailey told Comic Book that she doesn’t care a bit about haters and all she wants to do is give her best performance.

“Well, this film has meant a lot to me since I was a little girl. When I was selected, I said to myself, ‘I can only do my best and be proud. When I make the little girl in me happy, I know I’ve done a good job and I’m doing my best. I’ve given my all and I hope people can benefit from it.”

Keep in mind that the film has a premiere scheduled for the day May 26, 2023.

The liveaction adaptation of the classic will feature some changes to the backstory of the main characters including legendary villain Ursula (Melissa McCarthy).

The information suggests that the sea witch will be Ariel’s (Bailey) aunt, which has already been considered for the animated version of the series. Disney. In fact, in the short story signed by Hans Christian Andersenthe sorceress is unnamed and doesn’t have much importance in the story, having only emerged as the main antagonistic force in 1989.


The cast is made up too David digswho will give life to Sebastian Melissa McCarthy as villain Ursula, awkwafina (“Jumanji: Next Phase”) as the hilarious Scuttle Seagull, Jacob Tremblay (‘The robber’) as the iconic flounderfish and Jonah HauerKing (‘Way home’) as Prince Eric.

The Oscar winner Javier Bardem (‘Mother!’) will be King Triton. zendaya, Keke Palmer and Chloe Bailey are tipped to play Ariel’s sisters while Gugu Mbatha Raw should play Queen Athena. Jessica Alexander and Noma Dumezweni Complete the cast with no roles yet to be announced.

Directed by Rob Marshallthe work contains music from the original animated film and new music from Alan Menken and Lin Manuel Miranda.

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