1653229754 The Legacy the champion teases Flavio Insinna quotWhy Im here

The Legacy, the champion, teases Flavio Insinna: "Why I’m here. During lockdown…"

The Legacy the champion teases Flavio Insinna quotWhy Im here

Moments of great emotion at L’Eredità, the quiz show of Flavio Insina on Rai 1. The reigning champion addressed some nice words to the moderator. During the final phase of the game, before figuring out if the answer he had written on the card was correct, Elijah revealed: “During the first lockdownI lived with my mom and every day we couldn’t wait for this show to air to play with you…”.

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If I’m here today, it’s thanks to my mother, it was she who encouraged and convinced me to join, she did it because playing from home I guessed the correct answer to the guillotine several times, ”the young man continued, delighting the conductor. He immediately sent a greeting to the champion’s mother.

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Beyond the emotions, however, the evening did not end well for Elia. Although the champion played very well in the episode, he ultimately failed to take home the €26,250 up for grabs. The word he chose during the guillotine, “Force,” was incorrect. The clues available to him were: “soul”, “lose”, “sea”, “economy” and “all”. However, the correct answer was “peace of mind”. However, at the end of the episode, Insinna made his own Congratulations to the competitor.

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