The Legacy, Flavio Insinna "furious".  Rumors: who to put in their place

The Legacy, Flavio Insinna "furious". Rumors: who to put in their place

The Legacy Flavio Insinna quotfuriousquot Rumors who to put in

Tensed climate on Rai 1 where top management would think of betting on it Marco Liorni and its chain reaction. The quiz was a real hit and exceptionally aired until the end of October. The program got it 30 percent sharewhich leads Viale Mazzini to an afterthought.

Stop once and for all.  In the studio, Insinna bursts out: tough words

The First State Television does not exclude you disruption to the schedule from 2023. Liorni and Reazione a catena can be broadcast from June 5th to December 17th. A message that Flavio Insina, at the helm of L’Eredità since September, would not have fared well. The weekly Oggi even speaks of an “angry” Insinna because she risks losing a good part of her place.

Tears Before Insinna: The Shock Response to Legacy

I am now The casting is already underway Participation in the seventeenth edition of Reazione a catena. The transmission mechanism remains unchanged: teams of three members, linked by kinship or kinship, can present themselves at the casting. In each episode, therefore, two teams will compete against each other, accumulating the prize money for the final game through the various rounds: “Word Hunt”, “The Musical Chain”, “When, Where, How and Why”, “One Draws the Other” and “The Winning Agreement”, up to the Last Word.