The Legacy, boost by Flavio Insinna: "You need it when you go to vote"

The Legacy, boost by Flavio Insinna: "You need it when you go to vote"

The Legacy boost by Flavio Insinna quotYou need it when

Like every evening broadcast on Rai 1, here is L’Eredità, the program moderated by Flavio Insina, the audio sample quiz. The defending champion is Joselitowhich is confirmed until the guillotine, the final game, where however he saw the victory fade.

The mysterious word was “pencil‘ and among the five keywords that could have accompanied him to the solution was ‘Mother Teresa’. As always, the explanation of this keyword was offered by Flavio Insina when he revealed the solution to the game. In fact, the conductor remembered how Mother Teresa of Calcutta He often quoted, “I am but a pencil in the hand of God.” Few words, essential and exciting.

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Always remember the quote from Mother Teresa of Calcutta, Flavio Insinna also explained that the same phrase was repeated in different forms. “He said: I am a pencil in the hand of the Lord, a pencil with which God writes,” recalls the conductor, who speaks of “an extraordinary sentence”.

Incidentally, the candidate suggested the word “vote” as a solution. Always Insinna explained: “The correct answer to the guillotine that night was not a voice but a pencil. However, the pencil is needed when you go to vote. They’ll try again tomorrow night!” Insinna concluded, extending the appointment with L’Eredità for the next day.

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