The Latin American and Caribbean Friendship Brigade with Cuba visits Matanzas    TV Yumurí

The Latin American and Caribbean Friendship Brigade with Cuba visits Matanzas TV Yumurí

Activists from a dozen countries make up the XXVII. Latin American and Caribbean Brigade for Volunteering and Solidarity with Cuba, whose program runs in Matanzas from August 9th to 12th.

Marlene Lovio Díaz, official of the provincial delegation of the Cuban Institute for Friendship with Peoples, confirmed to this newsroom that the brigade members will visit places of historical, cultural and economic interest during their tour of Matanzas, including the Castillo de San Severino, the Slave Route Museum , the Eladio de Marcos Company, which belongs to the CubaRon company, and the joint project “Identidad Cardenense”.

Lovio Díaz also stressed that it is a pride to receive in Matanzas the Friends of Cuba, who are returning to our country after two years without meeting due to the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The official pointed out that the brigade consists of more than 70 members, including professors, lawyers, trade unionists and human rights activists, including the President and Vice President of the Cuba-Bolivia Parliamentary Friendship Group, Héctor Arce Rodríguez and Juana Amanda Iriarte Arze, and the prominent Panamanian professor Adela Panezo, a participant of the last People’s Summit in the city of Los Angeles, USA.

A note released by ICAP indicated that representatives from Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela, Haiti, Peru and the Dominican Republic are expected to attend, who will also visit sites in Artemisa and Havana provinces .

The brigade, convened annually, aims to promote a better understanding of the Cuban reality and the implementation of volunteer work days as a contribution to the economic and productive development of the country.

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