The last one is gone, fans with bated breath: what happens          ​​​​​​

The last one is gone, fans with bated breath: what happens ​​​​​​

In these hours, the well-known singer Ultimo seems to have disappeared from social networks. So let’s find out what happens to the Roman artist.

Social networks are fundamental to an artist’s success today. Because of this, when a singer stops using their profiles, they start to worry fans. This is what happens with Ultimo: the choice of the artist.

LastA shot of the singer on social media (via screenshot)

Many are wondering in these hours what happened above Niccolò Moriconi aka Ultimo. In fact, the esteemed Roman artist has definitely worried fans in recent days precisely because he seems to have disappeared from social networks. His last post on Instagram is from August 1st. He hasn’t shared anything about his official profile stories for about twenty days, and this absence has alarmed the public that supports him. The singer then decided to explain the reason for this disappearance by explaining that he simply wanted to use the smartphone by hand.

What is certain is that many of his fans bother him with questions due to his absence and that is exactly why he reveals his goal. In fact, young Niccolò doesn’t want to use his smartphone for more than 30 minutes a day. This decision was made in the knowledge that being connected to the mobile phone is not so good, quite the opposite. Recently back on Instagram First of all, the memory of the concert in the Circus Maximus that took place a month ago. A special memory for the singer who sang in front of 70,000 people. So let’s take a look at his words on social media.

Last explains the reason for her departure from social media: the singer’s goal

Last concert in streamingNiccolò Moriconi aka Ultimo (@Facebook)

The singer then returned to social media and shared a photo of his concert at the Circus Maximus in front of 70,000 people. As the artist wanted to capture in a caption: “Ao I haven’t done a story for 20 days, not 2 years. Do you know how to use the phone every day? Where does it tell you how much you use it? I have to get it to 20/30 minutes” – he then continued – “I don’t want to be the coward who wants to live without a phone, but it’s a fact: without sti so you live better. However, we will hear from you soon.” With these words, the singer wanted to assure the fans that nothing happened.

So it doesn’t seem to be a farewell to social platforms, indicating that it will soon be affected on its official channels as well. The singer then made his love official Jacqueline Luna di Giacomo in March 2021. She is also 22 years old and hails from Rome, but unlike the singer, she is an unknown face in the entertainment world. The relationship continues and after a year they are more united than ever. At one of his last concerts, the singer also treated himself to a beautiful dedication to his hers.