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The Last of Us: Why is only Ellie immune? Is there a way to save yourself from Cordyceps?

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Warning: spoiler alert!

Who has never heard of it The last of us and watched the first episode of the new HBO series, he was probably quite surprised when that was revealed at the end of the episode ellie is immune for infection of cordyceps, with a bite mark on his arm from weeks ago. But why is she the only one immune? Is there a way to protect yourself from being bitten? Games have explored these questions before, but never provided a definitive answer.

Ellie’s immunity

In both The Last of Us, the Left Behind DLC and The Last of Us Part II, we never know the reason that Ellie is immune to Cordyceps. For years fans have created theories about, but none have been officially confirmed. But what causes immunity in the protagonist’s body has already been explained.

Below we will have spoiler from Game The last of us, launched in 2013 and has the elements that can be adjusted in series. Proceed at your own risk.

Ellie’s bite in the game.

After the first bite A mutation has developed in Ellie’s braincausing them to become immune for spurs (which Cordyceps carry in the games but which were cut from the series) and for bites and direct infections from others infected by the fungus. Although she carries the infection, other infected people do not recognize her as one of them.

Even if you are immune to infections, ellie She is still vulnerable around the infected, especially the most dangerous ones who can still kill her with melee attacks. In the first game it shows that when the part of the Ellie’s brain that created this immunity have been studied, a cure could be developedbut for that she would have to be killed.

The most accepted theory

There are several theories about the reasons ellie be immune. Acceptance among fans came in 2013at the time of the release of the first game stating that Ellie was exposed to the virus while still in the womb.

Originally shared by a user whose account was deleted on The Last of Us fandom page. The theory is based Anna’s letter, Ellie’s mother, which was written when the girl was only a day old. In the letter, Anna reveals that she will die soon and hints that she did bite from an infected person.

how Cordyceps It takes about two days to spread and take over the body of the infected, the theory goes Anna was bitten before giving birth to Ellie and because of this low exposure while still in the womb, the girl became immune.

However, the theory has a potential loophole: marlene In the game, the firefly makes it clear that she knows exactly how and when Ellie’s mother diedbut if she knew Ellie was still inside Anna when she got infected, maybe she’d just give it a try Create new the location and generate more people immune to Cordyceps.

Ellie’s bite in the series.

Is it possible to survive an infected bite?

This is a fairly common question in apocalyptic tales of infection and zombies. From The Walking Dead to Resident Evil, each franchise has its own rules and The last of us is no different. But is there a way to survive this? Cordyceps after infection?

However, while it’s virtually impossible to save yourself from a spore infection ingame, The Last of Us: Left Behind DLC explores the idea of ​​how to save yourself a bit from a bite. A definitive answer is never given. In the story, we follow Ellie as she explores a mall in search of medicine while we learn about the girl’s past and how she was initially infected.

While exploring the mall, the player as Ellie encounters a helicopter is dead military team. Through notes and audio files we will discover the history of these characters and the attempt of Captain Regan Francis to prevent Cordyceps from affecting their conspecifics. After killing Officer Larry Caulfield after finding out that he had been bitten formerly French quickly amputating Private Eugene Ellis’ right arm after he became infected from a bite. However, the story does not have a happy ending.

Found the notes leave to understand this amputation saved Ellis to have been infected, but both were paranoid Ellis with the possibility of being killed by Francis and the Captain that he would get infected anyway. Fearing for his life Ellis shoots Francis and kills her, but is pursued by walkers and ends up in a ventilation shaft. The stitches on your arm will open up all by themselves and he bleeds to death.

Remains of Eugene Ellis in The Last of Us: Left Behind.


in the games of The last of us, until now, We never know of another person who is immune to Cordyceps and how we only follow Ellie, Joel and Abby In this long history, there is no way of knowing if there are more people who are immune since none of them have encountered these characters.

Also, we don’t know if rapid amputation could solve the bite infection problem. The history of the military team in The Last of Us shows that this is an invented solution, but when Sergeant Ellis bleeds to death before the two days it would take the Cordyceps to take over, We don’t have that answer either.

It’s still possible in the HBO seriesthat expands and changes the history of the games, these problems are solved. With series trailer shown Ashley Johnson Many believe the series will portray the actress who plays Ellie in the games holding a baby ann and maybe declare Ellie’s immunity.

The last of us will air Sunday on HBO and HBO Max.

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