The Last Of Us: Whose song is it at the end of the first chapter?     SPORTS WORLD

The Last Of Us: Whose song is it at the end of the first chapter? SPORTS WORLD

Along with the video of Treasure from Christmas poster and the supposed photos of Ángela Aguilera, there is no talk on social networks other than the premiere of the first big bet in 2023 HBO MaxThe Last Of Us series.

A few days after the premiere of the first of the nine chapters of the post-apocalyptic series that generates Platform access issues Due to a crash on their servers due to surprise demand, there is a lot of debate about the song that appears at the end of the first episode.

Which song appears at the end of the first chapter?

At the end of the first chapter of The Lasy Of Us series, Joel shows up next to him with a loaded gun ellie; After neutralizing the attacker, they meet with Tess and they make their way through a cut in the fence and out onto the moor. Just at this moment the song of Depeche Mode published in 1987 never let me down again.

Why did you use this song?

After Chapter 1 of The Last Of Us series saw the light of day, they began to wonder on social networks why the song by Depeche Mode and the production’s creators had the details to explain the reason for using that tune.

Craig MazinCo-creators of the series, along with Neil DruckmanDirector of the first episode, revealed on The Last of Us podcast HBO Max that they chose this song because the game series is tied to ’80s music: “There’s a big tradition of ’80s music in The Last of Us and The Last of Us Part II, and ’80s means trouble. “

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“Much of the music of the 80s It’s upbeat and fun, but in this case I was looking for an upbeat ’80s song with dark lyrics,” Mazin explains.

Don’t ever let me down by Depeche Mode I sang about drugs, it was a song about addiction. Well then, ellie He’s about to go for a walk with his best friend, and Joel is a dangerous man. Joel wants to go for a walk with his best friend, he doesn’t know yet that she is his best friend. She’s a dangerous girl,” he added.

“Well, the point is, will you ever do that deceive‘? you will be disappoint, and then no, and then yes, and then no. That thought was a very interesting entry,” he said.

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It is worth remembering that The Last Of Us takes place in 2023, 20 years after civilization was destroyed. joela smuggler, is tasked with removing it elliea 14-year-old girl, from an oppressive quarantine zone because she is the only one immune to the cordyceps fungus that has been destroying the planet.

The story goes from simple work to a harrowing journey that will require them to cross the border United States of America and take care of each other to survive.

the second episode of The Last Of Us series will be available on Monday 23 January on HBO Max.