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The Last of Us, the TV series: the second episode receives very high ratings

the second episode of the TV Shows from The last of us“Infected”, receives very good grades by users, with an average on IMDb currently at 9.5/10, based on over seven thousand reviews; and these are numbers that are likely to increase.

As reported a while ago, thanks to the TV series, The Last of Us Part 1 generated +238% sales in the UK: a drive that Sony had obviously considered and from which the franchise earns many new admirersincreasing its user base.

The previously published reviews for the show with Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey praised the fidelity of the adaptation, and it’s surprising to see how this second episode takes a somewhat alternative path to the events we’re familiar with, yet receives a largely positive response.

The Last of Us, the second episode of the TV series on IMDb

The Last of Us, the second episode of the TV series on IMDb

No doubt thanks to the quality of the writing and the attention the showrunner has Craig Mazin also relied on the support of for the realization of the series Neil Druckman not to make a mistake: a choice that has proven itself from a qualitative point of view.

Speaking of Druckmann, it was he who directed the second episode: he seems to have done a really good job from the testimonies that have surfaced so far. By the way, have you read our review of The Last of Us TV series?