The Last of Us, the TV series, confirmed a sad theory of fans

The Last of Us, the TV series, confirmed a sad theory of fans

The first installment of The last of usa show dedicated to Naughty Dog’s video game masterpiece of the same name allowed us to relive that devastating introductory scenehowever, reveals a detail that hasn’t gone unnoticed by longtime fans.

In fact, one of the aspects of the original video game that had actually already been remastered was The Last of Us Part I (you can find it on Amazon). Look at worn by Joel, who mysteriously appeared after the first few scenes Broken.

In fact, the most widely held theory by fans was this was broken right during those dramatic opening scenesan aspect that, although not revealed in the original versions of the title, was instead appropriately modified in the PS5 remake, which seemed to have already made this interpretation canon.

Inverse reports that the first episode of the HBO TV series has once again confirmed this aspect, confirm it once and for all one of the most popular and sadly significant theories in all of history.

Warning: Below you will find spoilers for the first episode and the introductory scene of The Last of Us.

The Last of Us the TV series confirmed a sad

In the dramatic moments of Sarah’s death, the TV series actually shows us that Joel has the watch it has already stopped working and is now broken, a highly symbolic association that only fans of the original video game can make.

In the first editions of The Last of Us, the clock appeared to still be perfectly functional at the moments of his death, only showing itself broken in the following scenes, presumably due to some technical limits.

However, the PS5 remake had already revisited this detail, directly linking the clock breaking to Sarah’s death mark forever the time of his disappearance.

An aspect that is also faithfully followed by the TV series and that confirms that it was not a simple coincidence, but a choice desired by Naughty Dog to make this moment even more symbolic and to explain the exact s to the fans without a wordJoel’s decision to keep wearing it.

Produced by HBO, the show has chosen to be extremely faithful to the video game, not only to faithfully recreate the most dramatic scenes, but also because it has chosen two “secret” voice actors known to fans.

We remind you that the first episode is already available on Sky and Now in the original language: the Italian dubbing will instead arrive from next week and always 7 days after the English release.