“The Lady of the Dead” and the merciless revenge

“The Lady of the Dead” and the merciless revenge

If, as the experts say, the beginning of a story, of every story, must captivate everyone who reads or watches it, La dama de los muertos strictly adheres to the opinion of the experts. Few more shocking images than those in the first chapter of the series – of a total of six – about the death of the protagonist’s husband, an excellent Anna Maria Mühe, owner and mistress of the funeral home in the small Austrian town where she lived The plot develop .

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It is sad that your partner dies in an accident, but it will hardly work for a series. If the partner suspects that it was actually a murder, the plot becomes more interesting and the lady, who is used to handling corpses from her trade, is ready to take merciless revenge on those responsible. Before the death mentioned, we find ourselves with one remarkable production, very correctly executed by Netflix, with the appropriate means and without the swagger of special effects to which those who try to cover up their lack of ideas are so inclined.

La dama de los muertos also shows that the protagonist of a series does not necessarily have to adhere to the canons of beauty in order to be able to use it, it is enough to be an excellent actress: beauty changes, talent remains, and if we of Speaking of talent, we must point out that those responsible for the series close the first season with an ending that leaves the viewer satisfied and longing for the second season as soon as possible. These are the advantages of telling a good story based on Bernhard Aichner’s novel of the same name without computer tricks. Bareback.

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