The kiss between Daniele Dal Moro and Nikita Pelizon initiates

The kiss between Daniele Dal Moro and Nikita Pelizon initiates the reaction of the competitors

Daniele Dal Moro kisses Nikita Pelizon at Big Brother Vip and everyone thinks of Elenoire Ferruzzi.

This eveningThursday, November 3, 2022 at channel 5 will go on air a new episode of Big Brother Vipthe reality show now in the seventh edition. In the meantime a unexpected kiss between two young competitors. It’s about Daniele Dal Moro and Nikita Pelizon.

Daniele Dal Moro and Nikita Pelizon getting closer to Gf ​​Vip

A few hours after the new live broadcast, at the Casa del Big brother VIP is the kiss took place between Daniele Dal Moro and Nikita Pelizon. It all started when the authors organized the game “Truth or Dare”. When Patrizia Rossetti was forced to switch clothes with Alberto De Pisis, the former Men and Women Tronista had to kiss the young model.

As reported by Biccy, Nikita was at the game and the two young competitors of the seventh edition of GF VIP they exchanged a kiss lasted a few seconds while all the other Vippons shouted “we don’t see the language”. Everyone was obviously thinking Elenoire Ferruzzialways interested Daniele. We recall that prior to the actor’s elimination, the model had avoided contact with him but revealed that she had always been emotionally attracted to him.

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what happens in between Nikita and Daniele Now? Will they deepen their knowledge in the house? We are convinced of that Alfonso Signorini will deal with the topic in the next episode of the reality showwhat will go broadcast tonight on Canale 5and will ask for it too Elenoire to comment on the kiss between the two competitors.

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