The indigenous movement in Ecuador calls for a no in the referendum

The indigenous movement in Ecuador calls for a no in the referendum

The coordinator of the bench of assembly members of this political force, Patricia Sánchez, insisted on the organization’s position this Wednesday, pointing out that the questions are not in the public interest.

With this consultation, the executive wants to improve on its low level of popularity expressed in polls, said lawmakers, who called the consultation misleading.

We do not want the President to continue to rule by decree, regardless of the Constitution and the law, stressed Sánchez in his statements to the press at the headquarters of the Ecuadorian National Assembly.

In the same way, the President of the Conaie, Leonidas Iza, asked for a no in the referendum vote next February 5th.

On that day, “we will not give the national government an oxygen tank with a consultation that will not solve any problem in this country,” the indigenous leader said.

Meanwhile, the Conaie posts messages on social media explaining why she opposes the eight questions, referring to issues such as security, transparency, registration of political parties and adjustment of the legislature.

In addition, they relate to the environment and the powers of the Council for civic participation and social control.

The government spends millions on advertising to cover up its incompetence and corruption, but it doesn’t invest in solving employment, education, health and insecurity problems. Tell him NO 8 times! suggests a Conaie tweet.

Other civil organizations have also voted no, although the executive branch is sponsoring a campaign to win votes in its favor and authorize the referendum.

On February 5, more than 13 million Ecuadorians are called to the polls not only to give their opinion on the referendum, but also to elect prefects and vice-prefects, mayors, city councilors and municipal councilors.