1695969990 The hit Netflix film that was a smash on opening

The hit Netflix film that was a smash on opening day and will move you to tears

The successful Netflix film that thrilled viewers

The hit Netflix film that wowed viewers – Credits: @Netflix

He Netflix catalog It is constantly renewed and the streaming giant’s subscribers navigate between the most dramatic productions and the comedy and horror genres. Recently it landed on the platform a film that quickly rose to number one in the rankings of Argentina: what it’s about.

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The healer (Znachorin the original language) landed on Netflix September 27th and in just one day it managed to position itself as the leader among the most watched films in Argentina. Leaded by Jerzy HoffmannThe Polish production was based on the novel of the same name by Tadeusz Doga Mostowiczpublished in 1937.

Rafal Wilczur (played by Leszek Lichota) is a renowned professor of surgery who suddenly loses memory in the middle of a violent attack on the street. The man will rethink his life after the loss of his family and try to understand the ways of natural medicine.

The moving film that remains two hours and 20 minutes, was positioned at the top of the Netflix ranking in Argentina. The acclaimed cast includes Maria Kowalska, Ignacy Liss, Anna Szymaczy, kIzabela Kuna and Mikoaj Grabowsk; among others.

The Healer landed on Netflix and topped the rankings

The Healer landed on Netflix and topped the rankings – Credits: @Netflix

The production was praised by viewers on social media. “It shrinks you and inflames your heartto shrink it back down,” noted one X user (exTwitter). “She is delicate, sweet and noble. I recommend it and it evokes a very nice feeling,” noted another. Additionally, a heartfelt tribute was included in the closing credits: “In memory of my father Ryszard“.

The new Netflix documentaries produced by Steven Spielberg

Throughout history, humanity has wondered whether life would exist on another planet, based on decades of research. Steven Spielberg decided to capture this mystery through a production of Netflixwhich, in addition to the arguments of scientists and experts on the subject, also contained reports from witnesses who claimed to have seen an unidentified flying object (UFO) in various parts of the world.

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Acclaimed American director Directed in 1977 Close encounters of the third kind, which joined the catalog of productions based on the life of aliens such as Omen (2009), Signs (2002) and Arrival (2016), among others. So, Encounters landed on the giant Streaming also on Wednesday, September 27th.

Steven Spielberg produced the new Netflix documentaries

Steven Spielberg produced the new Netflix documentaries

The documentation, Directed by Yon Motskin and produced by Steven Spielberg, promised great success on the platform and included the statements of the protagonists of four cases of UFO sightings or alleged contact with extraterrestrials. Each episode lasted approx between 45 and 50 minutes and included the voice of experts and scientists.

From Texas, in the United States; to Ruwa in Zimbabwe; and through Wales in the United Kingdom and Fukushima in Japan; The production brought together the voices of the astrophysicist and former NASA scientist Kevin Knuthjournalist David Clarkeformer Royal Air Force officer Tony CowanLawyer Eric MacLeishthe naval intelligence cryptology expert Matthew Roberts or Texas police officer Lee Roy Gaitan.