The heir to the Basf empire who gave up 90% of her fortune because she doesn’t want to be ‘that rich’ Extra

Marlene Engelhorn is a young woman 29 years old, student of German studies. She would have been one of many students on the course at the University of Vienna if it weren’t for the family into which she was born. Marlene is Legacy of the BASF empirea giant of the German chemical industry, and has attracted international media attention in recent days with the announcement that he will give up 90% of his legacy.

BASF is one of the largest companies in the world. Last year it had a turnover of 78 billion euros. According to Forbes magazine, Marlene’s grandmother ranks 687th in the ranking of the richest people in the world. A fortune accumulated over 150 years.

Marlene justified her decision by saying that she “didn’t want to be that rich”. He adds that he doesn’t know what to do with that much money and that too much money only creates tension, problems and misunderstandings.

“I couldn’t be happy,” he said, according to the Spanish newspaper “La Vanguardia”.

She is an advocate of wealth redistribution. It is part of the Millionaires for Humanity movement, which proposes taxing 1% of the wealth of socalled multimillionaires to help the recovery of the Covidhit economy, reduce poverty and fight climate change.

“What I do with my family’s money shouldn’t be my choice because I didn’t work for it,” he said in one of the interviews.