The heat hasnt said its last word in Quebec

The heat hasn’t said its last word in Quebec

Quebecers can still enjoy a few more days of summer temperatures before the month of November regains its rights. The mercury should even exceed 20C in several regions of the province this weekend.

“It’s particularly rare what we’re witnessing right now,” Patrick De Bellefeuille, weather presenter at MétéoMédia, said in an interview with QUB radio on Wednesday.

“Twenty degrees Celsius in November has happened eight times in 80 years,” he said.

The one, who is also an expert on climate change, explained that the province is struggling with a fast and confined airflow called a jet stream that is “completely distorted”. In the west of the country, on the other hand, cold air and snow have settled, especially in southern Alberta.

All of Quebec benefited from a generally sunny day and above average temperatures for the season on Wednesday. In Montreal and Quebec, afternoon mercury reached 14°C and 12°C, respectively.

Thursday mercury will rise again, especially in Montreal where it will be 17C. On Friday it will be 21°C in Montreal and 16°C in Quebec. During the weekend, temperatures in these two cities vary between 19°C and 23°C.

“Between November 10th and 12th we should start to get back to something close to normal […] around 6 to 8°C as a maximum during the day,” predicts Mr De Bellefeuille.

However, there should be no snow in the landscape this month. Snow in November will also be an “increasingly rare” situation.

The expert estimates that there will be “a real break” towards the end of the month, so December should start in more wintry conditions.