The head of the Wagner group attacks the Russian Ministry

The head of the Wagner group attacks the Russian Ministry of Defense: “They took away our ammunition while we were on vacation” Frank

Yevgeny Prigozhinthe head and founder of the Russian private military group Wagner, again attacks the Ministry of Defense Fly for blocking ammunition shipments to his mercenaries. Stopping this would cause enormous difficulties for his soldiers, Portal reports. According to Prigozhin’s statements, which were reprinted by the Ukrainian media, the negotiations with defense officials ended with advice to “obey and apologize” to the top. “Who should I apologize to? Who do I have to obey now that my boys are dying twice as many as before?” asks the military leader. “Today, twice as many fighters from the Wagner organization and other units are killed every day, and we cannot protect them because of the total lack of ammunition,” he adds.

The attack on Minister Shoigu

In his view, those allegedly trying to disrupt his group’s attempt to win this war are actually “working absolutely and directly for the enemy”. The reference, although not made directly to his name, is to Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu. In his attack on the Ministry, he actually mentioned his daughter’s vacation Dubai. “You’re helping the enemy break their backs Russia. You have breakfast, lunch and dinner on golden dishes and send your daughters, granddaughters and friends to Dubai for rest, without hesitation, the moment a Russian soldier dies at the front, I ask you to give us ammunition” he said. Prigozhin stressed.

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