The haunting message that Ángela Aguilar dedicated to her ex  boyfriend in full concert

The haunting message that Ángela Aguilar dedicated to her ex boyfriend in full concert

Ángela Aguilar performed a few days ago at the Telmex Auditorium in Guadalajara, Jalisco, performing her most famous songs and those that her audience likes the most. There was a moment in the middle of the concert when the young singer took some time to sort out the controversy that arose when some photos of her very caramelized with composer Gussy Lau were leaked.

A few days ago, the composer Gussy Lau shared his pain with his fans afterwards Angela Aguilar said through a video on her Instagram account that she was disappointed to have trusted someone she shouldn’t have trusted. Now Pepe’s daughter again Aguilar He left his followers open-mouthed knowing what the singer is doing or releasing.

Angela Aguilar With his recital he demonstrated his love for his roots, for Mexican music and especially for his grandmother Flor Silvestre, to whom he dedicated an homage with the interpretation of her popular melodies. These were sung by her fans and showed how much they follow her and how they know her songs.

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Image: Instagram Angela Aguilar

as usual Angela Aguilar She made several costume changes during her presentation which were full of color and tradition as only she knows how to do it. The singer thanked all participants of her concert. These people were there four hours early to be the first to come in and meet angela.

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Image: Instagram Angela Aguilar

In the middle of his lecture, his fans were surprised by the statements Angela Aguilar who said: “The next song I’m going to sing was composed for a child who has behaved very badly. Let me tell you girls here you don’t have a boyfriend. have no boyfriend I have nothing more to say except that you don’t have a boyfriend. But for those of us who make that horrible decision to have a boyfriend, and if one day they break our hearts, which I hope doesn’t, they will inevitably dedicate themselves to him. Let’s not forget that the singer shares part of her recitals and backstage with her followers Instagram.