The hammer attack and the arrest the video of the

The hammer attack and the arrest: the video of the attack on Paul Pelosi

Raw, violent, brutal images. the Movie the hammering of an alleged conspiracy theorist, David De Papeat the expense of Paul Pelosihusband of Nancy Pelosiformer Speaker of the House of Representatives, lasts just under two minutes.

It was released by the San Francisco court, which released it along with all video and audio files related to the entire affair, complying with requests from several American newspapers and broadcasters. the contents The clip captured by the police camera shows what officers saw when Paul opened the front door and his assailant attacked him with a hammer, hitting him in the skull.

The video of the attack

The episode is from last October 28th. DePape broke into Pelosi’s home san franciscoin California, with the aim – it seems to be understood from the reconstructions – of seize Nancy Pelosi. The lady was out of town and Paul, her husband, was kept at home hostage from the humans. Infinite seconds pass.

The images are part of the supplied cameras agents Workers guarding the house. When they open the door of the house, they find one chill scene: DePape and Pelosi are on their feet, Pelosi threatens to hit Pelosi with one punch hammer. A brief scuffle ensues until Paul is suddenly hit in the head.

The attacker is immediately immobilized by the security service. According to the US media, he will turn out to be a fanatic of the extreme right and a conspiracy theorist. DePape was arrested for attempted murder and assault but pleaded not guilty.

The attack and the arrival of the police

The video shows two agents going to the entrance of the house and knocking persistently. The door opens and Pelosi appears, in his pajamas, shirtless, barefoot, held by DePape’s arm, standing next to him, hammer in hand. “Drop the hammer,” says one of the police officers, DePape first says no, then falls on Pelosi trying to escape.

The moment the ex-speaker’s husband arrives hit it Can not see it. The camera frames the bodies of the attacker and the prone victim, followed by the turbulent moments of the madman’s arrest. “I will not watch the video of my husband being attacked,” the former spokesman said.

DePape’s plan

Pelosi, 82, is on the mend after a short time in the hospital and surgery skull fracture. The attacker, according to other images captured by the home’s security cameras, had managed to enter the Pelosi home after pounding on the side front door and without anyone noticing.

Pelosi himself will raise the alarm by calling 911. DePape’s goal, by his own admission, was actually to kidnap the Speaker of the House, calling her a “summary process‘, the afterword of which is not clear. The woman certainly wouldn’t have been the only target on his list, which included other Democrats.