The Haiti government is losing another ally in its political accord

The Haiti government is losing another ally in its political accord

According to the platform’s leader, Luima Ulrick, the various attempts at dialogue have not yielded any results and the team in power will no longer be able to manage the country.

The middle class has been completely destroyed and we can look no further because the nation is uninhabitable, Ulrick said.

He also called for the dissolution of the coalition of the Tet Kale Haitian Party, the Democratic and Popular Sector and the Fusion Party of Haitian Social Democrats, which he assures is leading the country to sterile negotiations.

He also condemned the government’s alleged corruption and impunity, pointing directly to the Departments of Social Affairs, Agriculture and the Environment, which benefited from a three billion gourden (about $24 million) item to improve the conditions of the population. with no tangible results.

This is the second desertion from the ranks of government after last week a fringe of the Democratic and popular sector withdrew from Henry’s endorsement because she felt it ran counter to the nation’s interests.

But it’s not just the government that is losing allies, as the Protestant Federation has announced it will withdraw from the Montana Consensus, which is made up of hundreds of social and political organizations and is the main opposition to the prime minister.

The religious institution favored a broader and more comprehensive agreement, as the Montana’s main goals had not yet been achieved.

As political disagreements continue, armed groups are increasingly taking control of national territory and their clashes have already claimed more than 600 lives this year.

This Monday, the United Nations Integrated Office in Haiti encouraged national forces to put aside their differences and unite in the interests of the country.

“Only together can Haitians end insecurity and political instability. The United Nations will be by your side,” the entity said in a statement.