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The Guardian interview with Måneskin is a hymn to freedom of expression "Rock’n’Roll"

To celebrate the release of the album Rush! Måneskin was interviewed by The Guardian: The 4 members of the Roman band that topped the charts talk about queerbaiting, freedom of expression and the importance of rock ‘n’ roll.

The promotion of hurry! represented the wryly scathing and controversial spirit of mane skin, the band that debuted on XFactor, made many think, “These will lead the way”. And so it actually went on: your songs are important 4 million streams and music production company Måneskin Empire had sales of more than in 2021 2 million euros. Six diamond discs, 133 platinum, 34 gold and 40 million copies sold are the dates that show how Ethan, Damian, Victoria and Thomas unintentionally found the ideal balance to win over an audience from all over the world. Now in an interview for the Guardiantell the background of some public policy episodes that you have seen, positively or not, involved, and that have attracted criticism or appreciation the media.

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Måneskin’s motto: “Be true to yourself”

The article signed by Michael Cragg, faces different moments of the short but very intense career of mane skin: The red thread of questions and answers follows the famous motto “stay true to yourself“. The 4 members of the Roman band explain that even before participating in the edition of XFactor that they inaugurated (despite second place on the podium), everyone who saw them play considered them “outcasts”, lunatics. “Even though we played at school festivals,” explains the bassist Victoria DeAngelis“everyone looked at us as if we were gods geeks“. And he seems to like it.” The whole concept of rock music is desire not what society wants that you were,” continues De Angelis, founder of the group. “It means ignoring the pre-set rules and being yourself. We don’t believe that true rock music has to follow stereotypes where sex and drugs are central to the lifestyle. Rock is about expression and creative freedom“.

Charged with drug use

At the beginning of the chat, the question of which episode the band involved won in the conversation already crystallizes thematically euro visionie if the front man Damien David was framed with his face bent over the table. In the recording it seemed like the singer was using some drug powder, sniff. The accusation came from second-placed France and was immediately debunked by the drug test which Damiano himself had asked to be performed. They greet the interviewer by mimicking this scene, and the leader of the group explains why he thinks people have suffered allegedly from them. “I think people have a lot of ideas about us, about me decentralized. They think we’re acting like the Sex Pistols or Mötley Crüe, but it’s quite the opposite. We are more aware of the risk of using it drugs and what they do to the body. I don’t even drink alcohol anymore.”

The nipple gate of the VMA’s

with Victoria DeAngelisgreat supporter of the movement #FreeTheNipplethere was also talk of when the cameras were off VMAs They intentionally misled the audience during their performance due to a clothing accident one breast exposed of the bassist. “We’re too cool for American TV,” they joke. “It’s so stupid that they want to seem open-minded and then freak out about two nipples. The difference between a man’s body and a woman’s is how you look perceived and sexualized. Everyone has nipples.”

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Queerbaiting: Damiano David talks about it

After all, the Guardian talks about it David Damiano and Thomas Raggi, the guitarist, as “the straight part of the group”. This in connection with some gestures (see the homosexual kiss in Poland in favor of the rights of the LGBTQ+ community) and the choice of clothing by the queer culturewere accusedqueerbaiting‘, that is, pretending to be part of that community in order to gain its benefits. According to De Angelis, the phenomenon is real and in some cases it is happening, but “the allegations against us are extreme“. “It’s counterproductive for queer people who should fight back stereotypes, create others that are even more divisive and generate more hate. The fact that they are straight doesn’t mean they can’t wear makeup or heels“.

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