The governor replies to Bad Bunny: “We will continue to monitor LUMA to improve its service"    The Puerto Rican speaker

The governor replies to Bad Bunny: “We will continue to monitor LUMA to improve its service" The Puerto Rican speaker

Citing the freedom of expression that all citizens are entitled to, Governor Pedro Pierluisi today questioned the scathing criticism of city artist Bad Bunny at his concert last Thursday, when he denounced the poor state of the island’s electricity grid.

Without mincing words, Benito Martínez Ocasio – the artist’s first name – called for the resignation of the company LUMA Energy, which has been responsible for the country’s energy transmission and distribution system since last year. In his expressions he spattered the governor as well.

“Here in Puerto Rico, we all respect and value freedom of speech, including at concerts and artistic events. Really, I can say that. I’m glad the concerts took place, that they were well attended and that people enjoyed them,” Pierluisi said in response to questions from THE SPOKESMAN.

The country’s chief executive’s statements to the press came at the end of his attendance at an annual meeting of the Puerto Rico’s “Central Committee” of the Democratic Party, held at the Hyatt Place hotel in Miramar.

“Governor, don’t you think that Bad Bunny’s comments reflect the feelings of a large segment of the public who are angry not only with LUMA Energy, but also with the performance of previous administrations?” a journalist asked him.

“We make great efforts to meet people’s needs in various fields. For example in the fight against crime, to improve our education system, health, to improve our infrastructure and now that we are in this reconstruction, to fight the pandemic for example,” he replied.

Bad Bunny asks LUMA Energy for a better electrical system for Puerto Rico

In this regard, the President stated: “We do not stop, we do not rest, and in the case of LUMA, all those who are able to do so will continue to monitor LUMA so that it improves its service. In other words, you always pay attention to complaints and do everything you can to take care of them.”

“Are you concerned about the international image Puerto Rico might have?” the journalist insisted. “No, Puerto Rico really has so much to offer the world, we excel in so many areas that it’s the fewest where we can fall short. In other words, Puerto Rico is spectacular,” added Pierluisi.

“The reality is that the economy is behaving very well and we want it to stay that way and the reality is that tourism is key to our future and we want it to continue to grow. So for every negative aspect that can be checked, there are ten positives that can also be checked,” he said.

Regarding the economic boost that the fact that last Thursday’s concert was broadcast live – including in 13 official “spots” – meant for small, medium and large retailers, he replied: “Excellent too! Puerto Rico has become a global entertainment destination and we want it to stay that way.”

“Anytime I have the opportunity to support artistic events, any event that can be projected not just in Puerto Rico but abroad, I will do it because that’s what we want them to continue to do with us.” visit that they are moving here , invest here. So that’s my commitment,” the governor said.

What Bad Bunny Said

Last Thursday, during his concert, Bad Bunny said: “LUMA pa’l cara ** and (Governor Pedro) Pierluisi, all the mamabi**** pa’l cara** too. The land is ours, the land is ours and we are in control, we are the ones who have to take control.”

LUMA Energy responds to the bad bunny's remarks: "We share the frustration"

“My dream is that without ever having children, and that everyone here who has a sincere desire to live in Puerto Rico forever, can make it come true,” added the singer of Vega Baja, which called for 18,749 in attendance at the José Miguel Agrelot Coliseum and thousands of fans watching his concert from afar to take control of the country.

“We are the ones who have to take control. I believe in this generation, I believe in this Puerto Rico. I want to live here with you forever,” said Bad Bunny, who also urged citizens to keep the beaches clean. “The beaches are ours,” he replied.

“If you go to the beach, take your trash bag, pick up your trash, let’s not leave trash on the beach. If you see litter that you haven’t thrown away, please pick it up. It’s like watching someone die and not helping them.”

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