The Girl Who Killed Her Parents The Confession Carla Diaz

The Girl Who Killed Her Parents The Confession: Carla Diaz Impresses as Suzane von Richthofen in the Creepy Trailer for the Sequel; Watch

Trailer for “The Girl Who Killed Her Parents The Confession” (Reproduction/Prime Video)

The first trailer for “The Girl Who Killed Her Parents: The Confession” was released this Wednesday (27) by Amazon Prime Video. The plot is responsible for revealing the outcome of one of the most shocking crimes in Brazil. With Carla Diaz again in the role of Suzane von Richthofen, the film will be released in the streaming catalog on October 27th.

As shown in the preview, the plot of the sequel follows what the young woman and the Cravinhos brothers Daniel (Leonardo Bittencourt) and Christian (Allan Souza Lima) did in the days after the murders of Manfred and Marísia von Richthofen. The film goes from the beginning of the investigation to the moment the trio is caught by the police and brought to justice. The mistakes they made up to their arrest are also discussed.

The focus is based on this principle and looks at the questions the police ask to find out what happened on the night of the crime. At first it seems that the young people have thought masterfully about how to hide evidence. But as the agents dig into the details, they notice the discrepancies they reported to the authorities.

In the biographical drama, Suzane even insinuates her mother’s problems with some girls who worked in her house to avoid becoming a prime target. However, after their controversial speeches and actions, mistrust is growing. Christian and Daniel’s desperation also becomes clear as the police get closer and closer to the truth.

Carla Diaz as Suzane von Richthofen in “The Girl Who Killed Her Parents The Confession” (Photo: Disclosure/Amazon Prime Video)

A certain section also depicts Richthofen’s funeral and highlights the reaction of the crying Suzane and her completely devastated brother Andreas (Kauan Ceglio). Check out the trailer:

Mauricio Eça returns to direct, while the script is written by Ilana Casoy and Raphael Montes. In addition to the protagonists, the cast of “The Girl Who Killed Her Parents The Confession” also includes Débora Duboc as Nadja Cravinhos; Augusto Madeira as Astrogildo Cravinhos; Marcelo Várzea as Judge Anderson; Gabi Lopes as Carol; Bárbara Colen as Delegate Helena; and Che Moais as Carlão.

“The Girl Who Killed Her Parents: The Confession” premieres October 27th on Prime Video.