The future is… electric!

The future is… electric!

TRIPLE RIVERS | Despite the mild weather of the last few days, the first Nitro RX Winter Rallycross organized by the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières will actually take place on Saturday.

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This unprecedented event, which the organizing committee aims to renew every year at the Hippodrome, brings together sophisticated electric cars, each tire equipped with almost 400 spikes, to challenge the winding, icy course that includes varied corners and two jumps to complete the show to revive .

These cars are significantly more powerful than the NASCAR Pinty’s Series and Formula E cars.

As with rallycross, the last time a world championship round was held at the GP3R was in 2019, the events are short but lively.

A flying acrobat

Only nine pilots made their way to Mauricie for this first edition. Despite this low turnout, adventure seekers should be well served.

Among the participants we find a certain Travis Pastrana, undisputed star of motorized extreme sports.

These nifty and powerful electric cars will put on a show at the inaugural winter rallycross of the Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières on Sunday.

Photo from Travis Pastrana’s Facebook account

“I am convinced that the future of racing is electric,” the American told the Journal. Technology has advanced tremendously in recent years. The cars are very fast, although there is still room for improvement in terms of range and battery weight. »

“We will also be able to drive more on street circuits because our cars are neither loud nor polluting. »

At the Daytona 500

Pastrana will be looking to achieve what Jacques Villeneuve achieved last year, which was qualifying for the prestigious Daytona 500 Mile Classic on February 19th.

“What he did last year was incredible,” he said. I want to follow in his footsteps and secure my place in qualifying like him instead of having to do it in Thursday’s two duels, commonly referred to as ‘duels’. »

If he succeeds, it will be his first-ever NASCAR Cup start, he has 42 appearances in the Xfinity Series and five in pickup trucks.

Speaking of the NASCAR series, Pastrana claims his fans will likely be the last to be drawn to electric car racing.

“It’s a completely different audience that isn’t quite ready to give up the smell of gasoline and the roar of engines. This transition will take much longer,” he said.