The former head of royal protection has branded Prince Harry

The former head of royal protection has branded Prince Harry a “fool” for detailing the palace’s layout in memoirs

The former head of royal protection has called Prince Harry a “fool” for telling all about the palace layout in his memoir

  • Prince Harry branded a “fool” for detailing the floorplans of various palaces
  • In Spare he described scenes within the palace walls in distressing detail
  • The former head of royal protection said sharing such details posed a direct threat

Prince Harry has been branded a “fool” for detailing the floor plans of various palaces and official residences in his memoirs.

Dai Davies, the former head of royal protection, told The Telegraph the Duke of Sussex had put his family’s safety at risk.

Even his own personal security force could be at increased risk after Harry wrote tantalizing details about the palace’s interiors in his best-selling memoir, Spare.

When narrating the performance between Meghan Markle and the King and Queen Consort at Clarence House, Harry went into great detail about the inside.

Prince Harry in April 2022 in The Hague, Netherlands

Clarence House in London

Clarence House in London

He wrote: “They led us down the long corridor, past the great paintings and gold-rimmed mirrors, along the crimson carpet with the crimson rug, past the great glass case full of gleaming china and exquisite heirlooms, up the creaking staircase, the three of them Climbed steps before running right, up another twelve steps, then ran right again,” he said.

“It finally said, on the landing above us, Pa.”

Written with the help of a ghostwriter, the lively passages give the reader a picture of life within the palace walls.

But Mr Davies said he was filled with great concern on reading this passage and several others which are equally detailed.

He told the publication: “It makes the task of protecting him, privately or otherwise, problematic. Only a fool would divulge these kinds of details about the royals’ inner sanctums.

“Whether they are fixated individuals with mental health issues or terrorists, this information could prove very useful.

“There’s a reason Buckingham Palace never discusses details of its security operations, big or small. One would never be expected to reveal such information to anyone with such intimate knowledge of private royal residences.

Elsewhere, Harry counted the steps down to reach his old hideout at Highgrove – a former bomb shelter he dubbed ‘Club H’.

Balmoral Castle in Scotland

Balmoral Castle in Scotland

Harry described the interior of Clarence House while describing the introduction between Meghan Markle and the King and Queen Consort

Harry described the interior of Clarence House while describing the introduction between Meghan Markle and the King and Queen Consort

He described going down sleeping stairs, walking through dewy corridors with a vaulted roof, and “passing several wine cellars where Camilla kept her fanciest bottles.”

Harry says the doors to his hideout were painted green and had brass handles.

He separately explained the floor plan of the Latte Queen’s favorite home, Balmoral, sharing with his readers everything from the color of the granite steps and carpeting to the pattern of the wallpaper.

Mr Davies’ comments caused a furore among military veterans, who also claim that his revelation that he personally killed 25 Taliban insurgents would further target him.

Questions are now being raised as to whether Harry “shot himself in the foot” with his surprise revelation and made himself a bigger target.

Meanwhile, the Taliban mocked the duke as a “loudmouthed loser” who “fleed Afghanistan and hid in his grandmother’s palace,” and his confession sparked protests at a university in Helmand province.

The Duke – who is currently in a legal battle with the Home Office over UK security – is also facing allegations that he wrote about his number of killings in a tactical attempt to gain police protection when he visited the UK.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams told Web: “Obviously this can be a tactic to get the security he needs to visit the UK, but it’s certainly irresponsible. Who advises him, one wonders.’