The former BBB who supported coup attacks in the German

The former BBB, who supported coup attacks in the German version, is threatened with extradition Splash

The artist Adriano Castro, who participated in the 1st edition of the BBB (Globo), said he left Brazil after negative consequences for his participation in the coup acts on January 8 in Brasília (DF).

On the day of the attacks, he showed the Bolsonaristas’ march to the Praça dos Três Poderes step by step in a live broadcast. The former BBB has also posted videos and performed Lives calling for antidemocratic action.

After a period of disappearance, he released a new video saying he had left the country and was therefore “safe” now. “If they thought they were going to shut me up, they couldn’t and won’t. See you soon,” he added. Adriano Castro also vowed to resume his life on YouTube previous videos have been removed from the platform.

“Glad to know you’re safe god help you unfortunately 1200 patriots weren’t so lucky very sad for them,” commented a follower of the former BBB channel. “Didi the crowd was really worried about you and thought you were arrested but thank god you weren’t and you’re fine,” added another user.

According to experts interviewed by syringesHowever, Castro’s possible departure from Brazil does not absolve him of responsibility for any actions. Adriano is in danger of being extradited to Brazil if he really is out of the country.

“Like the other scammers, the acts he committed are numerous and serious criminal acts. There are, among others, crimes against the democratic rule of law, crimes of damaging public property, for which criminal law provides for very severe penalties,” explains Conrado Gontijo, criminalist, PhD in Criminal and Economic Law from the USP and Professor at the IDP.

However, the exBBB’s extradition is dependent on the existence of an agreement with the country where he is said to live. “The crimes he committed are sufficient for his preventive detention to be ordered, and the escape makes the need for imprisonment even clearer,” adds Gontijo.

According to lawyer Rodrigo Faucz, criminalist and doctor of law, the trial can also take place without conviction: “It can be investigated, also in relation to those who are being investigated for a specific crime. Here, too, it will depend on “Cooperation agreement between the countries to review the associated legal requirements”.

The extradition, carried out by the Ministry of Justice, must comply with international cooperation agreements. “Escape is one of the circumstances that more often lead to preventive arrests being issued. However, the prior issue of an arrest warrant does not appear to me to be mandatory,” analyzes the criminalist Conrado Gontijo.

Contacted by the report, Adriano Castro did not respond with information about his whereabouts and position on the January 8 attacks. When you do this, the text will be updated.

Adriano was considered the villain. He took part in the first season of “BBB” in 2002. He invented the term “Wall” for eliminations on the show, in reference to the place where dictatorial regimes shot their enemies.