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The Foreign Minister of Venezuela conveyed a message of hope to the Syrian people

On behalf of President Nicolás Maduro and the people, the head of Venezuelan diplomacy wished strength and reiterated the solidarity hug on his Twitter account.

The day before, the President had also offered his condolences to his Syrian counterpart Bashar Al Assad in a telephone conversation on behalf of the people of Venezuela.

In a statement, the South American country’s ruler said that the “heroic Syrian fraternal people” will be able to overcome the effects of these earthquakes, just as “they were able to endure 12 years of imperialism-sponsored… to overcome the terrorist war”.

Al Assad thanked the humanitarian aid sent by the Bolivarian Republic and appreciated this gesture “knowing the difficulties Venezuela is going through” as a result of the unilateral coercive measures that are a form of modern warfare and from which the Syrian people are suffering. he indicated the text.

The government dispatched a brigade from the Simón Bolívar Humanitarian Task Force to rescue and rescue those affected, in addition to food and medical supplies, which also arrived in neighboring Türkiye, where the epicenters of the magnitude 7.8 and 7.5 earthquakes took place on the Richter scale from February 6th.

The note stressed that both leaders agreed to continue joint efforts to strengthen ties between the two nations so that they help build a multipolar world.

Syrian Ambassador to Caracas Kenan Zaher Al Deen last Wednesday expressed his sincere gratitude to the Government of Venezuela for showing solidarity in the face of the devastating earthquakes that have struck his country and Türkiye.

In a letter to the Deputy Minister for Asia, Middle East and Oceania at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Tatiana Pugh, the diplomat expressed his gratitude for all the solidarity measures taken by the Bolivarian Republic, which “reflect the strength of the relationship between the two friendly countries.”

The head of Syrian diplomacy expressed special thanks to the presidency, vice-presidency, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, other executive bodies and working teams.