The Flash filmed additional scenes with Ezra Miller following allegations

The Flash filmed additional scenes with Ezra Miller following allegations

Ezra Miller took part in the filming of additional scenes for The Lightning in recent months, also after several arrests during a trip to hawaii and several reports of attacks and abuse against elu appearing in the press. The information comes from THR.

According to the vehicle, the reshoots took place “without major incidents”, even during the American summer months i.e. after June. Complaints surfaced against Miller between March and April, escalating over the following months, culminating in a formal theft charge in Vermont, United States.

The Flash’s solo feature will adapt Flashpoint, an iconic comic arc in which the speedster messes up the timeline while attempting to go back in time and prevent his mother’s murder.

in the flash, Maribel Verdu (Pan’s Labyrinth) stars Nora Allen, the mother of lightning, and Ron Livingston (The Conjuring) will be Henry Allen, the hero’s father. Ben Affleckwho played the Dark Knight in Batman v Superman and in both versions of Justice League has also confirmed his return, as well Michael Keatonwho was Bruce Wayne in Batman (1989) and Batman: Returns (1992).

Production led by Andy Pussetti (It: The Thing) and written by Christine Hodson (Birds of Prey), has scheduled its premiere June 23, 2023.

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