The first PHOTOS of Bad Bunny KISSING Gael Garcia in

The first PHOTOS of Bad Bunny KISSING Gael García in the movie ‘Cassandro’ are coming to light

Once again bad bunny has all the spotlight on them, but this time because they have it exited to bright the first photos from the singer kiss a gaelgarcia in ‘Cassandro‘, Movie which has some showings and will be released on Prime Video soon.

in the new Movie with gaelgarcia, bad bunny He’ll have a movie experience again as this is the second movie he’s been in after his debut in ‘Bullet Train’ which was released last year and had the reviews split but it was a great experience for the singer.

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the first photos the participation of bad bunny in ‘Cassandro‘ have caused a stir on social networks because the reggaeton player can be seen in the pictures kiss a gaelgarciaHowever, there aren’t many details about the character he plays just yet.

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What is Cassandro about?

Cassandro“, the new Movie from gaelgarcia It follows the true story of Saúl Armendáriz, a Mexican wrestler who gained widespread popularity for his idiosyncratic way of practicing this “rude” sport, as he used to go to the ring in brightly colored suits, makeup and feminine hairstyles.

is Movie will be directed by Oscar winner Roger Ross Williams and ‘Cassandro‘ premiered on January 20 at the Sundance Film Festival in 2023, which is why they started doing it go out to bright the first Pictures where you can see bad bunny Y gaelgarcia together in one of the scenes.