The fire is spreading    devastating fires in Croatia

The fire is spreading devastating fires in Croatia

The forest fires in Croatia never end. On Sunday, Croatian psychic “24sata” reported on a new stove near Dubrovnik.

During the current wave of drought, wildfires are common in southern Europe. Croatia’s popular holiday destination is also being hit again by fires. On Sunday, Croatian online portal “24sata” reported fires near the picturesque coastal city of Dubrovnik.

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The fire is approaching the two counties of Orasav and Zaton. According to the Croatian milieu, 29 emergency services have been deployed there, along with firefighting aircraft since 12:20. But the wind is causing problems for firefighters to extinguish the fire.

desperate spot: “I don’t know what’s going to happen”

“The worst thing is that a storm blows and it burns even more, we don’t know what will happen,” said the portal citing a resident of Orasac. Postscript: “We are 100 meters in a straight line, we don’t feel well, we are worried because the fire is within range of the settlement.” More firefighting planes are expected.

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More recently, a large forest fire broke out in the Croatian holiday resort of Sibenik.

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